These days it’s so important to get good value for money while still maintaining the top performance of your car. At ADL Motors in Chertsey, we are proud to offer a range of highest quality services, helping car owners to make the most of their vehicle. If you want the best return from your car, you need to ensure your wheels remain in great condition. We offer a comprehensive range of tracking and wheel alignment services.

We highly recommend having the tracking of your wheels checked regularly. Accurate tracking reduces the level of wear and tear on your tyres, increasing the grip your wheels have on the road. Remember, sufficient tyre tread is a legal requirement and a failure to maintain it can result in three penalty points and a fine for every tyre that is not up to the required standards.

Maintaining wheel alignment, and subsequently a good level of tread on your tyre, will also ensure that you get a better level of fuel consumption. You will also have a more responsive steering experience. Ensuring your wheels are properly aligned makes financial sense, since improving the life span of your tyres delays the need to replace them.